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Meditate more, Read Less

November 1st, 2020

I have been reading Joseph Murphy’s The Power of the Subconscious Mind and Other Stories. It’s been over a year now and I have still not completed 50%. Mind you, it is not that the book is not well-written and the topic interesting, on the contrary, it is fascinating to me but I still have not finished it after an entire year. Me, an avid reader from as long as I can remember, why has this been the case?

I do not know when it happened, but somewhere along the line, it seems like a decision was made for me to meditate more and read less. I have to say ‘made for me’ since I do not recall consciously making it.

I see many persons on popular information sharing platforms asking questions about things of the metaphysical and spiritual. Everybody wants to know for sure. As humans, we only feel comfortable with full confirmation. Any shade of grey is anathema for us. And so we read to know, we read to understand and we read for wisdom.

But I recommend that we meditate more and read less.

When we sit, or lie, or walk in meditation, we get the opportunity to connect to the greater part of who we are. The source of our creativity, intuition, inner knowing, and connectedness lives in that part of us that meditation hooks us up to.

Meditation allows us to have a first-hand experience of the things others write about. We can read and not understand, but when we experience all is known.

So I invite you to take fifteen of those minutes that you spend rabidly exploring the pages of someone else’s experience and use those minutes to experience your own experience.

Saying Goodbye the Easy Way

October 31st, 2020

I was in the kitchen elbow deep in some pumpkin bread mix when my GenZ daughter decided to entertain me with some throwback music. She offered to look for songs from way back, songs that I should know. I eye-rolled the child because she still asks me if there were cars and electricity when I was young. I have given up trying to explain to her that not even my grandmother was born during the dark ages. She selected a song from Boyz II Men, It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday. It was a song from 1991. Well, now my eyes were doing a double-barreled, backward tumble. 1991, throwback, really?

As I listened to the lyrics, I could not help but think of the many things that I have found hard to say goodbye to. Recently, the main one has been how my thinking of life and the afterlife as I understood it to be, has evolved and changed.

I got a rude awakening that led to the retriggering of my spiritual awakening and I have still not settled down into my new life. During the process, I regained my long-forgotten ability to hear and communicate with past persons. Many times, so wanting to be the old me, I dismiss them as my imagination. But when I see unfolding in the physical the things they would have communicating with me, I know that that bell has since been rung and there is no unhearing it.

What things from yesterday have you been finding it difficult to say goodbye to?

Perhaps it may not something as earthshattering as having to look at life as you once knew it in a completely different light but it could be smaller things though no less insignificant.

A past relationship?
An ancient slight?
Some childhood fear?
A lack mentality?

All of these things can have us holding on to our yesterdays. They rob us of living in the present and looking with glorious anticipation towards the future. They even prevent us from looking at the past with a clear vision, understanding it for what it was, a process that taught us lessons that we learned from, and now move on, taking forward the wisdom gained and leaving behind the hurt and the pain.

So, here’s my throwback song for you, Andrea Bocelli’s 1995 “Time to say Goodbye.”

Its Best to Lay those Burdens Down

October 30th, 2020

Do you ever have those experiences when you know something is coming and you know what it is because you have been manifesting it for a while and you can taste it on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t see it or touch it as yet? Your other four senses are going crazy like a male dog during mating season but you have to wait for it, with your level of anxiousness building to such a height that you figure you will burst if asked to wait one more minute?

I have been feeling like this lately and I’m being driven to madness in anticipation. These things I have been manifesting for a while are coming. They are just there, millimeters away from my fingers but not close enough to grab.

Several weeks have passed and I came to the realization that continuing in this vein was not going to work, anxiousness will lead to anxiety and then to stress, and we know what stress does to the body so I thought it best to make a conscious decision to release these feelings into the Universe and let what is greater than me handle it.

Talk about laying down burdens! I actually felt a physical release when it was done.

What burden have you been carrying, believing that you are bigger, stronger, wiser than Universal Forces and that you can handle it with your 3-D self?

How has it been working out for you? I bet, like me, not very well.

We get so caught up in the trappings of this life that we forget that we are visitors to this time-space reality, just for a short moment and then we are gone like a puff of wind.
If not done before, when we merge with Source Energy, reuniting with the greater part of who we are, it is then that our burdens are released.

Why wait until then when we can do it right now?
Why suffer and struggle and worry and wonder when Source Intelligence has all the answers to our questions, the desires of our hearts, and the sweet taste of honey for our lips?

Lay your burdens down right here, right now.

Meditate. Pray. Release. Be happy.

Demons Begone

October 29th, 2020

I stopped to buy some mangoes from a lady who was selling on the side of the road. It was not usual to have mangoes so readily available this time of the year and so I took advantage of their late abundance by eating at least one every day. The weather was overcast, it had been raining for almost two days on and off so she was anxious to make a few quick sales and return to her home. I knew this by the size of the parcels, they were larger than normal. Good for me and other mango lovers.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guy coming down the road. He lived on the streets and had some mental issues that I am sure a good shaman, with the help of spirits, would have been able to heal. He has never spoken to me before even though it appears that I emit a signal that attracts persons like him. I often get approached for money or whatever else I could offer.

So imagine my surprise when he said “gyul”. I looked at him to make sure he was referring to me. He called me ‘gyul’ (girl). I smiled. I could not recall the last time someone addressed me as ‘gyul’. With my hair streaked with grey and my wrinkles becoming more prominent, being called gyul was indeed a compliment, so yah! to my diet, exercise, and meditation regime.

“What do you want?” I asked him. He took my response to mean that I was willing to engage him in a conversation so he crossed the street and came closer to me.

“What do you want?” I repeated. He did nothing but mumbled. It was either that he did not know what he wanted or he was afraid to say for fear of being rejected.

I looked in his eyes. They were filled with confusion and pain. The energy that emanated from him was one of needing a reprieve, a release from his 3-D suffering. Whatever demon had decided to make his mind its home had wreaked havoc on his physical and emotional body.

“Do you want money?” I asked.

The lady selling the mangoes stood by watching our exchange. She wanted to remain uninvolved. She had mangoes to sell and a home to return to.

“Yeah,” he said and began scratching his head. He did not want me to ask him what he wanted money to buy. He did not want me to offer him any mangoes. He was interested in something else.

“Okay”, I replied. “Come with me”.

We walked to my car, I found my purse and gave him some money. He took it, mumbled something, and walked rapidly away.

I watched him and then jumped into my car and drove off. I did not really feel any pity for him. I was just glad that I was there at the time to help him out with some change. We all have our demons to fight. Some of us do it better than others.

Whether it’s the demon of drugs and alcohol.
Of envy and jealousy,
Of fear,
Of laziness,
Of greed,
Of lust,
Of anger,

Whatever they might be, to fight them we must.

We may be a bit stronger than my mumbling friend in that we do not lose our minds entirely in the process and end up living on the streets but if we succumb to the clutches of our personal demons, we end up suffering, standing on the wayside of life begging for a reprieve.

So say with me, “Demons begone! Happy Life come forth!”

The Great Conspiracy

October 28th, 2020

There is a great conspiracy surrounding each of us. It involves Universal Forces and our Soul. They are out to get us and the sooner we know about it, the easier our lives will become. Their aim is to take us along the path of least resistance to finding our true purpose of why we came into this physical plane at this time.

Do you ever experience times when you are on a mission and everything just seems to be working out, as if the heavens parted and smiled on you, crowning you lucky person for a day? And there are other times that you want something or want to do something so badly but you come up against roadblock after roadblock to the point that you get so frustrated, you look up into the sky to see if a ‘no’ is written there?

It’s all about the conspiracy.

There are things we want to do and there are things that our soul wants to have done. Many times they do not match and this causes roadblocks in our lives. But when they do, there is no stopping you.

I have been trying to share my writing with as wide an audience as possible. The going has been slow but I know that a break-through will come. I have been getting just enough encouragement from Source Energy to keep me going.

A few months ago, I was moved to subscribe to this online platform that publishes the work of writers and a thought came to me, “why not publish your writings as well?” I eye-rolled it away. I imagined all the problems involved in signing up to be a contributor, having to submit an initial piece for approval, and on and on. I was already busy and did not have time for that. So I ignored the urge until one evening I was meditating and asking my spirit guides and universal forces for assistance in growing my reading audience. They did not answer me right away but at the end of the meditation I checked my phone and an article from the same site popped out at me, they were looking for writers to share articles on the same topics as I do. My eyes opened wide. I have visited this site daily for months and never noticed it before. I decided to sign up and I am not joking when I tell you it was the easiest thing I have ever done in a long time. I shook my head and smiled, when universal forces are conspiring for you, all resistance disappears. Things just happen and we are left mouth agape. I do not know where this new opportunity to share my work will lead but I am excited nevertheless.

Let Universal Forces work for you. Stop the efforting and start enjoying the unfolding of miracles in your life. It may not always be a walk in the park but be rest assured you will always get the guidance you need to let you know you are on the right path.

I think we suffer from a dis-ease of wanting everything now and we get disheartened when it does not happen just so.

Turn Dis-ease into Sunday morning.
Turn Efforting into effort-less.
Turn enjoyment into greater joy.

Embrace the conspiracy.

Why Give Up Now?

October 27th, 2020

Was there ever a time (like during the great lockdown of 2020) when you finally made up your mind to do that thing? Yes, that thing that has been deep inside you to accomplish from as long as you can remember but you just never got around to starting it, for whatever reason? And I am sure, if you are anything like me, you are armed with a long list of why-it-would-not-be-successful ready to share with anyone who would dare challenge you on fulfilling that dream you had.

World or personal events provided you with the time to think and reflect and now you have a clearer understanding of what was important in your life and what you wanted your legacy to be. You felt it to your liver bone, as we say in the Caribbean. No, the liver does not have a bone but it is a colourful turn of phrase to show how deeply the feeling is felt. You took the first step into the unknown, the unknown only being so to your physical self because your soul already knew its purpose here.

It was a shaky step but a step in the right direction nevertheless. You felt the excitement starting to build up inside you. You were giving birth to that thing, that idea that you anticipate would be revolutionary.

The song,
The book,
The recipe,
The piece of art,
The wooden sculpture,
The line of computer code,
The YouTube channel,
The box of scented candles, herbs and oils,

Whatever the idea was, you started it and then began with your 3-D timestamping.

Something should happen by x time, you should have y number of likes and your audience should be z in six months. And it did not happen like that. After writing for six months, you still only got the 6 reads and the 1 like from your friends and that family member. And even though the passion was still burning, you began to feel a hint of discouragement because it was not as you envisioned it. The You-self, the Ego self, with its grand plans of overnight success and world fame began to feel deflated.

But why give up now that you are almost there?

Don’t you wake up each morning with a fire in your belly and an overwhelming urge to do something great today?

Don’t you meditate and set your intentions for alignment and success?

Don’t you have that deep knowing, the same bone in the liver that was there from the beginning?

So why give up now?

Success is right there, reach out and touch it, taste its sweet nectar on your tongue.
Close your eyes.
Breathe and believe.

It is done.

From the First Shuffle to the Giant Leap of Faith

October 26th, 2020

It can sometimes be quite nerve-racking when we have to take a leap of faith and do something new. We look to the horizons replete with newness. We see the possibilities and we see the rewards that lie in store for us but then we look down and see the abyss we have to cross and so we step back, shaking with fear, too scared to take that first step.

Now, there is (or I should say was) a friendly spirit that occupies a space that I frequent. I have to say he is friendly because though he has never spoken to me, he always lets me know he is around. I found out from other sources that he has been in this space since 1896. I do not know why he has refused to cross over but one day I decided to ask him.
The feeling I got from him was one of uncertainly and fear. He was nervous about crossing that abyss for fear of falling into what he perceived as hell. My spirit guides and I stood with him at the edge of the platform that separates one dimension from the other and we looked over there. It was full of bright yellow light. Everything looked warm and welcoming. It was clear that the occupants Over There were having the time of their lives but my friend kept looking down. He only saw the deep crevasse that was between him and his best post-life rewards.

As we stood, we saw something coming towards us, it looked like a tunnel of light moving quickly and soon it parked right in front of us and a door opened. We looked at him. He looked at us. He looked at the open door. He looked down and took a step back. I gave him a small tap on his shoulder and said, “go”. I could see he was trying to make up his mind. Should he take this train to his new home or should he let fear consume him, causing him to miss out on an opportunity that might not come again for another hundred years? He took one hesitant small shuffle forward. Then another. Then another and he stepped onto the floor of the tunnel. He turned around, looked at us, looked at me, smiled thank you, and started running. The door closed behind him and whatever it was receded and then disappeared. He was gone. He was home.

How many of us are like my friendly ghost? We are scared shitless to take the first shuffle towards something better. I am not even talking about a step, worse a leap, but a mere shuffle forwards. We stand on the edge and look at what could be ours if only we were brave enough. It is not that our current situation is all that good but we are so grounded in trepidation that our legs refused to propel us forward.

What are we fearful of?
That we will be laughed at, mocked, or ridiculed?
And if we fail, so what?

We will always feel better for trying and failing than for not trying at all because we would have learned something. We would have grown and expanded. We would have added to the cosmic flow. We would have lived.

You and the Cosmic Flow

October 25th, 2020

I would like to introduce you to Corinne. I have known her personally for about a year but she knew me even before I came into this time-space reality as me. She one of my spirit guides and unbeknownst to me, she has been guiding me along a path of food, health, plant medicine, and healing for as long as I can remember. Sometimes we do things that we have no clue as to why we did it and then later when the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and we see the picture revealed before us, we are amazed and awed that we are part of this cosmic unfolding.

There is nothing really special about me. I came into this physical plane on a tiny island in the Caribbean into a community that was economically and socially depressed. Growing up felt normal because it was all I ever knew until one day I heard teachers whispering about me in the staff room and I then realized that they were surprised at my 'brightness' because nothing much was expected of children who came from my community, especially the females. Luckily, I have an exalted Mars conjunct Rahu in the second house of my birth chart so my tongue has been my weapon of choice and still continues to be.

So what does this have to do with Corinne?

I was trying to make the connection of being quite ordinary but still being able to live an extraordinary life.

It starts with asking the question, “who am I?” and if you are really interested in finding the answer, you will get to know your true self, not the one that has been created by your parents and society in an effort to get you to fit into a mould of what I good person ought to be, but the true you.

The you that is a spirit having a human experience; The you that came here to experience something exceptional with the assistance of a spiritual team that is patiently waiting for you to welcome it into your existence; The you that knows ultimately the return is to the greater part of who you are, as part of Source Energy, merging with the cosmic flow and becoming one again.

On Recognizing the Vampire Bat

October 24th, 2020

I have written several times in these blog posts that when you are a high vibsing person, it is very important that you guard your energy against people coming to siphon it off, leaving you depleted. The thing is that we all have that innate ability to be high vibzing, perhaps not every day in every moment but definitely more often than we currently do.

I had a recent experience with a de-energizer who came nicely wrapped in shiny birthday paper. The light and the shine caught my eye and I felt myself getting sucked into the rhetoric until, wham! One manipulative tentacle appeared and I quickly did a ‘block and delete’. I have been the willing victim of manipulation for so long from so many persons that I am quick to recognize it.

Manipulators and other energy mongers are not good for our spirits. They come and take and leave us emotionally exhausted and having to do the work all over again to raise our vibrations. When you are vibzing high, you become a magnet to low vibzing people. It is like you have this antenna that sends out signals that attract them, like animals and pheromones.

It is up to us to decide who we allow ourselves to hang around with, and more so, with whom we share our energy or else our surroundings turn into Transylvania City.

Guard your energy.
Guard it well.
From the well-cloaked vampire bat.
That will send you straight to hell.

The Cosmic Kiss

October 23rd, 2020

I am not this body and you are not that body and if anyone tells you anything different, do not believe them. We took a borrow of this shape and form to come into this consciousness to experience life on this earth plane. It was like putting on a scuba diving suit with its accouterments to experience life underwater but for some reason, we were led to believe that we are only this and this was all that we were.

We are spirits having an earthly experience. We came here for various reasons, to fulfill what is popularly referred to as our soul’s purpose. Upon arrival, we forget what it was and some of us spend an entire lifetime trying to find it, others of us find it early and are able to live happy fulfilled lives and still others of us get so caught up in the playground of life on earth that we don’t even bother to try and it. The death bed then becomes the place of reckoning and it is there that we begin to question why we came.

I had a cosmic kiss today. The stars aligned and the moment was replete with magic and music. I experience the explosion of the god within me colliding in the cosmos with Universal Source Energy, the God without. I felt the fire and saw the light. I unzipped my scuba suit and merged as one with Source. The energy that was created could have powered earth for a few lifetimes.

We are all assured of this experience as long as we acknowledge and accept the god within us. As long as we are willing to align ourselves with the energy of the Universe. As long as we believe that we are not this body, we are simply spiritual beings making a pit stop on a planet called earth. Then and only then does the pucker up begins.

Some experience this through meditation, some through creating art, music, poetry, writing, some through connecting with nature, some through sleep.

But I assure you that once you taste those lips of Source Intelligence, you will never be the same. You will be walking around with a smile and a glow that people would not understand and all that they will ask you is who is the new man or woman.


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