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On Recognizing the Vampire Bat

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I have written several times in these blog posts that when you are a high vibsing person, it is very important that you guard your energy against people coming to siphon it off, leaving you depleted. The thing is that we all have that innate ability to be high vibzing, perhaps not every day in every moment but definitely more often than we currently do.

I had a recent experience with a de-energizer who came nicely wrapped in shiny birthday paper. The light and the shine caught my eye and I felt myself getting sucked into the rhetoric until, wham! One manipulative tentacle appeared and I quickly did a ‘block and delete’. I have been the willing victim of manipulation for so long from so many persons that I am quick to recognize it.

Manipulators and other energy mongers are not good for our spirits. They come and take and leave us emotionally exhausted and having to do the work all over again to raise our vibrations. When you are vibzing high, you become a magnet to low vibzing people. It is like you have this antenna that sends out signals that attract them, like animals and pheromones.

It is up to us to decide who we allow ourselves to hang around with, and more so, with whom we share our energy or else our surroundings turn into Transylvania City.

Guard your energy.
Guard it well.
From the well-cloaked vampire bat.
That will send you straight to hell.