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The Eighth House and its Promise

October 12th, 2020

I always meditate before writing my blog and having spoken about this before, persons who follow my stories will be familiar with the way I get topics to prepare and share. This morning I finished my meditative session a bit disconcerted with my guides. I already had an idea that I felt would be good to write about and so, as usual, I asked for their approval and I got a ‘No, write on this instead”. I was to write about activating the eighth house in one’s birth chart. I am not an astrologist. The only astrology I know is what I would have read about and what I came into this life knowing. I have Ketu or the south node of the moon in my eighth house which means in my previous life I was probably deeply involved in things of this house. I argued that there were excellent astrologers on YouTube and elsewhere who would be able to give a much better explanation on the eighth house and things pertaining to it. I was met with a series of side glances and a wall of silence, so here goes…

The eighth house is known as a mysterious house. It controls all things hidden, dark, underground, things that we do not want other people to know about ourselves, our proclivities, and our foibles. It has to do with other people’s money, inheritances, sex, death, debt, and taxes. It is the house of personal transformation, of rebirth. It is one of the three karmic houses in astrology so planets in the eighth house give us an indication of the areas where we have to pay our karmic dues.

Persons with an auspicious eighth house, like me, are very much interested in things unknown, of the occult, metaphysical and esoteric. And when Ketu is in one’s eighth house, it brings with it the spiritual side of unknowing. It is associated with psychic abilities, kundalini rising, and other gifts that are useful as one seeks a deeper connection with the Divine.

The eighth house is activated when we acknowledge the power that it contains. It comes alive when we are able to deal with our personal issues and heal past pains.

We access the magic of the eight when we have understood the magic within ourselves.

Finding the Key to Your Universe

October 11th, 2020

I was having a WhatsApp chat with a friend of mine. We are somewhat on the same spiritual path though in my case, I use a bit more of my intuition and a little less of my logic while he is the opposite. We remain good friends. So this morning I was commenting to him that I am staying in a thankful mood. His response was, “gratefulness is powerful”. He knew what he was talking about. I agreed and added, “ and it’s the key to the universe”.

The thought came to me that the key to our personal universe is being shaped by the gratefulness we show each day of our lives.

We all possess a treasure trove within us, filled with offerings of great abundance, health, wealth, and happiness. Every morning we wake, it beckons us to unlock its door and reap its treasures. What is keeping us from these blessings? It’s the key. It is needed to unlock the portal. We each came into this time and space with a blank key. We are to, by our words and deeds create the engravings that will make this key work for us.

How grateful are we with what we have?
How often do we give thanks for the small things?
How willing have we been to share what we have with others, even if it’s a smile and a kind word?

Each act, each good deed creates a groove in our key.
Look at your key.
How are its markings?

Is it still empty and blank or is it now filled with vignettes, etchings, created by gratitude, by caring, and by a deep love for yourself and others?

Look at your key, look at your life.
How are the markings?

Get Washed, Get Busy

October 10th, 2020

I joined a group of nuns in a global prayer event this morning, something I usually participate in whenever they are organized. It is a time filled with positive, high-vibing, healing energy. You leave those sessions feeling renewed and reinvigorated. Today’s was extra special though, there was just something different in the air. The energy was intense before I joined the circle, it felt electric.

As I closed my eyes, I saw nuns circling a globe while holding hands. We were all bowed in prayer to the Divine. The sky cracked open and this intense white light came down on all of us. It encircled us and then whipped the ocean waters into a light blue foam that spun around us, making me think of clothes in a washing machine and the soap and suds cleaning their dirty load.

The foam then rose to the heavens, spun upwards and went away. I felt the tears run down my cheek. I was overwhelmed by this awesome event and I remain grateful for opportunities like these to join with others who have been working on raising universal vibrations and consciousness. My experience with my fellow nuns in the circle has assured me that we have been washed and now are ready to out and do the work.

So you there,

Get washed.

Get Busy.

When Meditation Turns Orgasmic

October 9th, 2020

I look forward to my meditative sessions with quiet anticipation. I never know what would be the outcome but I enter that space with an open heart and a willing mind. I meditate twice a day, sometimes more depending on what I have going on or how Spirit moves me. Sessions are never long, 30 minutes, sometimes 40, 45, according to the experience that was set to be delivered to me. I sit on a chair or lie in my bed. I tried the on-the-floor-crossed-legged-Instagram pose but that did not work out too well. So I stay with what my physical body is comfortable with.

I have heard persons write that nothing happens when they meditate and I often wonder what they were expecting to happen. For me, sometimes ‘nothing’ happens and other times it culminates in one huge orgasmic bliss, too much for my mind and body to contain resulting in my being catapulted back into the present.

This morning was one of those. I felt it coming even before I sat down in my chair. It was already building up in my energy body and slowly coursing its way upwards. Usually, my mind takes a while to settle down, it sifts and sorts through plans and thoughts until it realizes that now is not the best time and place for its constant activity. But this morning it quickly relaxed and settled into the session.

Sometimes meditation feels like communing with an old friend,
And there are times when it feels like stern guidance from a teacher or guru,
Other times it simply connects me to the greater part of who I am,
On occasions, persons from the other side pay me a visit bringing messages or just to say hello.

And there are those times when it blisses me out, filling me with a sensation that is so orgasmic that I explode inside. I feel the reverberations in my entire being, coming like aftershocks after a tension releasing earthquake.

Remember, each time we sit to meditate and we feel that there is ‘nothing’, there is always something.

Perhaps the 'nothing' is preparing us to be able to accept the times when the ‘something’ is so wonderful that our physical bodies cannot handle it.

Accept the nothing, wait for the something.

Let it Rain on You

October 8th, 2020

I started a community vegetable garden in the middle of summer and it was a struggle to keep it going. Living in the tropics with long days, high heat indices, and little to no rain at this time of the year, starting a kitchen garden then was a trip down insanity lane. But it was something I have been if-ing and but-ing about for a while so when I finally got the area fenced and the garden beds prepared, putting in seedlings was naturally the next step. I have always had this strong attachment to the earth. There was something mysterious about it as the source of both life and death. We need it to grow food so that we can eat to live and when we die we ask it to accept our earthly bodies and transform it in a way that contributes to the cycle of life.

As usual, I digressed. So, keeping those plants alive had been a struggle until the rain started to fall, and then, oh what a transformation! Everything is blooming now, bees are busy from flower to flower, pumpkin vines are running as if to catch up with lost time, sweet pepper plants are blossoming, birds are singing, caterpillars are feasting on newly emerged leaves and life is good, all as a result of the rain. The heavens opened up and showered us with its blessings.

This leads me to ask, how are you blooming?
Have you allowed the Universe to rain on you?
Have you given up the struggle of barely getting by on a little hand watering now and again?
Have you accepted that your gifts were set aside just for you even before you came into this physical existence?
Are you opening up and accepting the showers of abundance in your life after perhaps, a prolonged drought?

If not, why not?

Embrace Change to Grow

October 7th, 2020

Change is not always a bad thing. Sometimes we are called to make changes that are small, manageable, and basically pain-free, and other times, changes are so impactful that they completely alter life as we know it. The year 2020 has not been an easy one for many of us. The kinks in our amours were exposed, our vulnerabilities were laid bare and we began to understand that continuing to live the way we did was not in our best interest. We had to change.

For those of us who lost jobs, we had to find some other means of supporting ourselves and our families.
For those of us who got sick and recovered, we had to realize that there is much to be grateful for.
For those of us who lost loved ones, we had to acknowledge that death was as part of the process of life as living was.

But whatever the change we had to make, hopefully, we were able to learn the lessons sent to be taught.

Change ushers in growth and development.
Change increases resilience.
Change augers well for more change,

So let us embrace change, learn the lessons, expand our awareness and so open ourselves to higher levels of consciousness.

Universal Forces are On Demand

October 6th, 2020

I always meditate before I write my blogs. Most times I have no idea what topic will bubble up to the surface but sometimes I go into my quiet time with an idea that I figure would be a good one to share. On occasion, I get the ‘go-ahead’, other times I get the ‘no, write on this one’. Today was a little of both.

Last evening, I was speaking to a family member and was telling her that I expect my next source of income to be three times as much as my current stream. She has no idea what my now income is but she figured that anything three times as much as whatever it is now must be asking a lot. Her eyes widened. I have large eight-house-Ketu eyes and hers rival mine so you can imagine the saucers that appeared on her face. She opened her mouth, closed it, re-opened it, and said, “I know you crazy from long time.” Her response was not shocking though a bit disappointing, not the calling me crazy part, that I have grown long accustomed to, it was the disbelief that not just me, but that anyone can increase their source of revenue by so much. How can we, on this small planet called earth, look up into the night sky, see and experience the vastness of the universe and believe that we cannot have as much of whatever we want? How can we perceive something as less than when we see a universe so abundantly full of our wishes, dreams, and desires, just waiting for us to line up and receive them?

I felt that this was a timely topic to blog on, “Believe, Expect and Receive the Blessings of the Universe.”

So back to my meditative consultative process; I was speaking about receiving topics from my guides so as I sat down, I asked if sharing the experience with my family member was a good one. There was no answer for a while. Other things came up, (some of which I will talk about in future blog posts if they resurface again) until I asked the direct question to the guide who helps me with writing and I got the response, “On Demand”. I was puzzled, it was not a phrase I use often and so, perhaps not something that should have popped into my head. But It was clear to me that my posting should include the idea of something being on demand.

Once I sat down to write, I turned to the dictionary for some clarity and found that according to the Cambridge online, when something was ‘on-demand’, it was available when a customer wants or asks for it.

I smiled and said thank you. The message to share was clear and simple and dovetailed into my initial idea perfectly. My hearing the phrase ‘On Demand” was them telling me that the abundance of the Universe was on-demand, whenever we choose to ask for it. I got my confirmation.

I do not make these things up, I simply write and share.

Meditate to Release your Fears

October 5th, 2020

Just when we thought we had dealt with our personal issues and had successfully healed our broken inner child, something pops right back up in our faces. In my case, it was in the form of a vivid dream, complete with colour, sound, and special effects.

For me, it surrounded a deep-seated fear of abandonment and I have written about dealing with this type of anxiety in one of my earlier posts. So imagine my surprise when one very vivid dream around 3 am in the morning, woke me up in a cold sweat. One thing with vivid dreaming is that it does not bring messages in parables, it hits you live and direct with whatever the message needing to be delivered. My interpretation from this was that I have not completed the shadow work. Somewhere deep inside that fear is still active and it resurfaces whenever in my daily living, I am faced with a situation that may end in my being abandoned.

Many of us face the fear of abandonment and it manifests itself in our relationships or lack thereof. We either cannot keep a relationship going or we avoid them, anticipating that the end will result in some unpleasantness for us. We get stuck in a loop, constantly reliving those deeply buried memories of our father leaving us, or perhaps never owning us, our friends, and later our partners, all checking out at times when we needed them most. We go through life sending out satellite messages that shout ‘please leave me’ and we know what the law of attraction does, it gives us what we focus upon, every time.

So how do we deal with our fears? For me it is fear of abandonment, for you, it might be fear of something else but we all have them.

Do we let them paralyze us, and so preventing us from living our best lives? Or do we face them like warriors and conquer them? And if they are of the seven-headed variety, do we chop heads off one by one until we are free?

Let us continue working our way through pain, hurt, fear, and trauma, using prayer and meditation as tools to achieve ultimate success.

Let Love Love you Back

October 4th, 2020

It is wonderful to be blogging about love. Not very often am I asked to write on love, instead, most topics surround the dark and heavy. Something must be blowing in the wind!

I’m sure each of us can recall that first tickle of romantic love, teasing our senses like a light morning breeze causing us to smile and relax into the feeling. It feels good. Being in love and being loved is probably the highest of human emotions that we can experience in the 3-D. It seems to connect us to something deeper, far inside, into places that, the disillusioned ones have locked away and swallowed the key. But we would be liars if we say the feeling isn’t phenomenal.

Love is beautiful when we find someone to share it with, who understands and accepts us for who we are, scars and all.

Unfortunately, there are not many of us capable of offering that kind of love. Love for us is hot and heavy and temporary. So we miss the light breeze on our neck and the tingle in our belly. I have been both a victim and perpetrator of this act. It stemmed from the wanting it now, unwilling to wait for the breeze.

Let the winds of love blow into your life, removing the cobwebs of the past and imaginary fears of the future.

Connect to the deeper part of you through this love experience.

Feel and explore.

Love and let love love you back.

The Conspiracy of Universal Forces

October 3rd, 2020

I sat down to write my blog today without a ready topic. My morning mediation devolved into a meeting with my family, those now residing over there. They had a few messages for me, along with some instructions for me to carry out. I have learned to no longer ask how will it get done, my job is to say ok and get about to doing it, many times not knowing the how nor the when, nor even sometimes the why.

I know I come off as quite weird to people who hear me talk like this. Some just look at me wide-eyed in either disbelief, fascination, or a mixture of both. My grandmother first came to visit me when she had just crossed over into non-physical. We, or at least I did not have a pleasant interaction with her and she has never returned until last year. But by this time, I was in a different time and space and was so able to appreciate the connection she had been offering forty plus years ago. My, how my life might have been different! Would I have made so many of the mistakes I had? Probably, because I was never a listener to sound advice.

How many of us allow our ‘strangeness’ to show? Deciding to let little or none of what people say bother us, but living our lives and embracing our gifts, whatever they might be?
It is only when we accept who we truly are inside that are we allowed to lead happy lives. Any other iteration of our imagination results in a hopelessness and despair, a frantic searching for, like two mongooses in a cage.

Best we save ourselves the added stress and embrace who and what we are and came here to experience and in so doing, begin to feel the pride and delight of universal forces conspiring to bless us abundantly.


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