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The Great Conspiracy

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There is a great conspiracy surrounding each of us. It involves Universal Forces and our Soul. They are out to get us and the sooner we know about it, the easier our lives will become. Their aim is to take us along the path of least resistance to finding our true purpose of why we came into this physical plane at this time.

Do you ever experience times when you are on a mission and everything just seems to be working out, as if the heavens parted and smiled on you, crowning you lucky person for a day? And there are other times that you want something or want to do something so badly but you come up against roadblock after roadblock to the point that you get so frustrated, you look up into the sky to see if a ‘no’ is written there?

It’s all about the conspiracy.

There are things we want to do and there are things that our soul wants to have done. Many times they do not match and this causes roadblocks in our lives. But when they do, there is no stopping you.

I have been trying to share my writing with as wide an audience as possible. The going has been slow but I know that a break-through will come. I have been getting just enough encouragement from Source Energy to keep me going.

A few months ago, I was moved to subscribe to this online platform that publishes the work of writers and a thought came to me, “why not publish your writings as well?” I eye-rolled it away. I imagined all the problems involved in signing up to be a contributor, having to submit an initial piece for approval, and on and on. I was already busy and did not have time for that. So I ignored the urge until one evening I was meditating and asking my spirit guides and universal forces for assistance in growing my reading audience. They did not answer me right away but at the end of the meditation I checked my phone and an article from the same site popped out at me, they were looking for writers to share articles on the same topics as I do. My eyes opened wide. I have visited this site daily for months and never noticed it before. I decided to sign up and I am not joking when I tell you it was the easiest thing I have ever done in a long time. I shook my head and smiled, when universal forces are conspiring for you, all resistance disappears. Things just happen and we are left mouth agape. I do not know where this new opportunity to share my work will lead but I am excited nevertheless.

Let Universal Forces work for you. Stop the efforting and start enjoying the unfolding of miracles in your life. It may not always be a walk in the park but be rest assured you will always get the guidance you need to let you know you are on the right path.

I think we suffer from a dis-ease of wanting everything now and we get disheartened when it does not happen just so.

Turn Dis-ease into Sunday morning.
Turn Efforting into effort-less.
Turn enjoyment into greater joy.

Embrace the conspiracy.