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Why Give Up Now?

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Was there ever a time (like during the great lockdown of 2020) when you finally made up your mind to do that thing? Yes, that thing that has been deep inside you to accomplish from as long as you can remember but you just never got around to starting it, for whatever reason? And I am sure, if you are anything like me, you are armed with a long list of why-it-would-not-be-successful ready to share with anyone who would dare challenge you on fulfilling that dream you had.

World or personal events provided you with the time to think and reflect and now you have a clearer understanding of what was important in your life and what you wanted your legacy to be. You felt it to your liver bone, as we say in the Caribbean. No, the liver does not have a bone but it is a colourful turn of phrase to show how deeply the feeling is felt. You took the first step into the unknown, the unknown only being so to your physical self because your soul already knew its purpose here.

It was a shaky step but a step in the right direction nevertheless. You felt the excitement starting to build up inside you. You were giving birth to that thing, that idea that you anticipate would be revolutionary.

The song,
The book,
The recipe,
The piece of art,
The wooden sculpture,
The line of computer code,
The YouTube channel,
The box of scented candles, herbs and oils,

Whatever the idea was, you started it and then began with your 3-D timestamping.

Something should happen by x time, you should have y number of likes and your audience should be z in six months. And it did not happen like that. After writing for six months, you still only got the 6 reads and the 1 like from your friends and that family member. And even though the passion was still burning, you began to feel a hint of discouragement because it was not as you envisioned it. The You-self, the Ego self, with its grand plans of overnight success and world fame began to feel deflated.

But why give up now that you are almost there?

Don’t you wake up each morning with a fire in your belly and an overwhelming urge to do something great today?

Don’t you meditate and set your intentions for alignment and success?

Don’t you have that deep knowing, the same bone in the liver that was there from the beginning?

So why give up now?

Success is right there, reach out and touch it, taste its sweet nectar on your tongue.
Close your eyes.
Breathe and believe.

It is done.