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From the First Shuffle to the Giant Leap of Faith

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It can sometimes be quite nerve-racking when we have to take a leap of faith and do something new. We look to the horizons replete with newness. We see the possibilities and we see the rewards that lie in store for us but then we look down and see the abyss we have to cross and so we step back, shaking with fear, too scared to take that first step.

Now, there is (or I should say was) a friendly spirit that occupies a space that I frequent. I have to say he is friendly because though he has never spoken to me, he always lets me know he is around. I found out from other sources that he has been in this space since 1896. I do not know why he has refused to cross over but one day I decided to ask him.
The feeling I got from him was one of uncertainly and fear. He was nervous about crossing that abyss for fear of falling into what he perceived as hell. My spirit guides and I stood with him at the edge of the platform that separates one dimension from the other and we looked over there. It was full of bright yellow light. Everything looked warm and welcoming. It was clear that the occupants Over There were having the time of their lives but my friend kept looking down. He only saw the deep crevasse that was between him and his best post-life rewards.

As we stood, we saw something coming towards us, it looked like a tunnel of light moving quickly and soon it parked right in front of us and a door opened. We looked at him. He looked at us. He looked at the open door. He looked down and took a step back. I gave him a small tap on his shoulder and said, “go”. I could see he was trying to make up his mind. Should he take this train to his new home or should he let fear consume him, causing him to miss out on an opportunity that might not come again for another hundred years? He took one hesitant small shuffle forward. Then another. Then another and he stepped onto the floor of the tunnel. He turned around, looked at us, looked at me, smiled thank you, and started running. The door closed behind him and whatever it was receded and then disappeared. He was gone. He was home.

How many of us are like my friendly ghost? We are scared shitless to take the first shuffle towards something better. I am not even talking about a step, worse a leap, but a mere shuffle forwards. We stand on the edge and look at what could be ours if only we were brave enough. It is not that our current situation is all that good but we are so grounded in trepidation that our legs refused to propel us forward.

What are we fearful of?
That we will be laughed at, mocked, or ridiculed?
And if we fail, so what?

We will always feel better for trying and failing than for not trying at all because we would have learned something. We would have grown and expanded. We would have added to the cosmic flow. We would have lived.