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Meditate more, Read Less

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I have been reading Joseph Murphy’s The Power of the Subconscious Mind and Other Stories. It’s been over a year now and I have still not completed 50%. Mind you, it is not that the book is not well-written and the topic interesting, on the contrary, it is fascinating to me but I still have not finished it after an entire year. Me, an avid reader from as long as I can remember, why has this been the case?

I do not know when it happened, but somewhere along the line, it seems like a decision was made for me to meditate more and read less. I have to say ‘made for me’ since I do not recall consciously making it.

I see many persons on popular information sharing platforms asking questions about things of the metaphysical and spiritual. Everybody wants to know for sure. As humans, we only feel comfortable with full confirmation. Any shade of grey is anathema for us. And so we read to know, we read to understand and we read for wisdom.

But I recommend that we meditate more and read less.

When we sit, or lie, or walk in meditation, we get the opportunity to connect to the greater part of who we are. The source of our creativity, intuition, inner knowing, and connectedness lives in that part of us that meditation hooks us up to.

Meditation allows us to have a first-hand experience of the things others write about. We can read and not understand, but when we experience all is known.

So I invite you to take fifteen of those minutes that you spend rabidly exploring the pages of someone else’s experience and use those minutes to experience your own experience.