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How to know that your Manifestations are Near

October 22nd, 2020

Don’t you just love it when you see your manifestations lining up? You walk around with a silly smile on your face and people keep wondering that is wrong with you? This has been happening to me recently. I can be the poster child for Colgate! Well, not so much a child but a slightly greyer and more wrinkled version of my younger self.

It is amazing when you can stand by and look at Universal Forces working on your behalf. They produce they result in stages; like watching a play, one scene after the next bringing the story to life, each building on the previous one to create the drama.

The thing is that you cannot be impatient with the process. You cannot rush it. You have to enjoy each stage as it manifests, all while expecting the next scene to appear. It feels like looking into a kaleidoscope and seeing your dreams taking form.

It is nothing short of orgasmic.

This is an easy way to tell if you are in alignment with the Universe; when you see the moves on the chessboard of life and you can understand them, knowing that they leading up to checkmate. Ultimate Manifestation. It is nothing short of orgasmic, but then I said that already.

The Path to Grace

October 21st, 2020

The word grace has been so mixed up with religious connotations that whenever many of us hear it, it conjures up images of the cross of Calvary, being saved by grace, and other religious iterations and images. For persons who decided to take the path less traveled, the one that leads to a oneness with the Divine without a telephone line, attaining grace is enlightenment.

I have read many questions from persons asking about enlightenment and how can one achieve it. I suspect that to them it is the gift at the end of the tunnel of seeking. They emerge surrounded by a bright halo and sense of being anointed and entitled.

The path to grace is a different road. It is a road powered by belief and paved by life’s happenings. It is worn and well-trod by the many who have gone before us. It is littered with tears of regrets of the past as well as burdens that have been left at the wayside. It is lit by hope, love, and charity.

The road to grace has no end as long as we are still in these physical bodies. There is no finish line, but a path filled with the continuous effort of us trying to be the best we can be.
Let the seekers amongst us stop seeking enlightenment and seek grace instead, clear the brambles and get on its path.

The way of grace leads us home.

On Being in the Know

October 20th, 2020

It wasn’t until recently I really experienced the true power of being in the now. I had woken earlier than I needed to and was lying in my bed thinking about my astral travels the night before. I think I met the person that I am may spend a great deal of my remaining time in this physical plane with but that story is for another time, another blog posting.

Anyway, I took that free time to enjoy some early morning meditation. My mind was clear and my vibration was high so it was easy for me to settle into my pose and allow my body to relax. Soon after I entered a space, it felt different, special. It was an expansive space. It felt powerful. I felt myself out of my body, hovering slightly above my prone physical form and experiencing what I can only describe as Now. There was no past to regret nor no future to fear. It was just being there, or here rather.

Many gurus and teachers have extolled the virtues of being in the now in their books. They have described the importance of this state to our experiencing first-hand the power that lies in being present. The authors try to put into words something that cannot really be described. It needs to be experienced.

I would not know how and where to begin to give instructions to anyone on how to be in the now.

Perhaps it comes from a knowing, or a seeking or a being, I am clueless. All I can say is that now is beautiful, now is powerful, now is that cord that connects our soul to the universe bringing an awareness that defies words.

How to Make Your Blog Worth Reading

October 19th, 2020

A few days ago an old school mate of mine messaged me saying that he loved my writing. I was pleasantly surprised. I did not even know that he read my blogs except for those few times when I first started writing and I asked him for comments. He did respond, directing me to several typos in one of my posts. I thanked him and made the corrections. Now, in retrospect, I should have asked him what was it that he loved about my writings.

Was it that the posts are quite short and can be read in under a minute?
Was it the topic, of everyday spirituality?
Was it that I always start ed off with a story or anecdote that dovetailed into a spiritual lesson I learned or a message I wanted to share?
Was it my skillful (tongue in cheek) use of the English Language?
It may be a combination of all of the above.

I was reading a blog post written by someone on Medium, I do not recall the author’s name but he was talking about how to get people to read your blogs. One of the most important points he gave was to ‘always have a story’ and I agreed with him. People love a good story, that is why fairy tales and fables have withstood the test of times.

Then the length of the post is also important. We lead busy lives, busy doing a lot of what needs not to be done but we feel justified in the doing. This means we do not have time to read anything that will take up too much time. Reading is probably the one thing we cannot multitask. We are either reading or not, unlike watching tv or listening to a podcast. Reading requires undivided attention for the full understanding and for this reason, I keep my posts short, most times under one minute. You read and you go onto the next best thing in your life.
Myself, I read a lot and I admit that I always look for the story in the story and then at the length of the piece. So often, I read the beginning, skip to the middle, taking in the jist of it and then moving onto the conclusion. I apologize to those writers who painstaking write, then check and recheck only for people like me skip around in the piece. I guess to avoid our work being used as a piece of gym equipment, we ought to write, get to the point, and not waste time with words.

It becomes particularly difficult when we speak about the topic of spirituality. Writers, like myself, we try to explain, using words, something that can only be experienced, and in the midst of it all, we lose the reader. The ideas being shared, in some cases really reach for the ‘out there’ because honestly, there is where the truth lies. Unfortunately, words are not the most adequate space ship to get to there.

The final reason I believe that people read my posts is for my colourful use of language. There are many times when I write and then go back and ask myself, ‘now where did that come from?’

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas under the guise of well-written prose. I am happy and contented with where this process has taken me and every day I continue to reach for more.

If you have read so far into the post, then there must be a reason for it.

Is it one of the above or do you have a reason for your own?

If so, please do tell.

Enjoy the Journey to Your Manifestation

October 18th, 2020

I listen to my fair share of Abraham Hicks. This was one of the videos that, a few months ago, popped into my YouTube. I have written an earlier blog that praised the mastery of YouTube. The first one, I listened for a few minutes then clicked it off, I wasn’t getting it. I did not know who Abraham was nor did I understand why a woman whose name was apparently Esther, was speaking about herself in the third person.

A few months later another video popped back up and this time I listened to the entire 12 minutes and I got it.
I thought, ‘where were you all my life?’ But I knew that if she had appeared 5 years ago, even 2 years ago, I would have laughed and scoffed at what was being said while thinking there were more persons out that should be in.

Anyway, I have grown to understand the teachings of Abraham, and if you do not know who Abraham Hicks is, please do yourself the favour and google him.

Abraham likes to encourage us to enjoy the journey to the manifestation. Initially I never quite got what he was saying. I am a get-there-get-it-done-want-it-now personality and I am sure that many of you are as well. So imagine my consternation that I am being asked to enjoy the getting there!

I must stop to smell the flowers en route to It.
I am to create happy memories as align myself to receiving the blessings of the universe.
I am to be happy in the now.
In the now? I prefer to be happier in the then.

Change is difficult and changing a deeply ingrained belief is even more difficult. But I realized that if I wanted a different outcome to my circumstances, I needed to do something differently. And so I decided to give the teachings of Abraham a try. My life has changed, not from just the teaching of Abraham but from a plethora of teachers, and gurus, and lessons, and experiences, and dreams and revelations. The journey has been just short of the heavens opening up and saying “Here I am”.

I would like you to share in this experience.

Thank you for reading and supporting my work.

I share Abraham’s words, ‘find the manifestation that you would like to have and enjoy the ride to it’.

Jazz it Up

October 17th, 2020

I find myself listening to a lot of happy jazz music lately. This is a pleasant surprise because it gives me an indication of my emotional bearing and how am I vibsing. I used to listen to a lot of jazz when I was younger and life was less complicated. It was my go-to, feel-good, I-am-happy music but as life happened, there was less and less to feel good about and so the one thing that uplifted me, I allow myself to be cut off from because, me? human me? why should I be happy?

But for some reason, some jazz music came up in my YouTube feed and I clicked on it. It was awesome. It took me back to a better place. I felt there and still here. It was like the then and the now met in a beautiful symphony.
If you notice, your YouTube feed is like the Law of Attraction, the more you put your attention on something, the more of it you get.

The question I am going to ask today is what has been showing up in your feed?

Are you getting video after video of blessing and abundance, of peace and joy, of love and beautiful relationships?

Or are you the recipient of something else?

If you are not enjoying the sweet jazz music of a wonderful life, then you need to stop, do the search, click on a different video, and restart your feed on a positive feel.

How to Turn Stone into Bread

October 16th, 2020

Some things we see as totally inconceivable for us to achieve. We feel that if it goes against the laws of the universe as we understand them to be, it cannot be done. Like turning stone to bread. Is it possible to hold a belief so strong that we turn it into what we want it to become?

I used to have some of these it-is-not-possible thoughts. I am a scientist by training and a logical thinker by upbringing. I was made to understand from a very early age that if it was impossible, it is impossible and the more far-fetched the idea, the more unattainable it was. But luckily, there was always a part of me, a spark within, perhaps the god in me that encouraged a belief in the opposite, that anything was realizable, anything was achievable.

What are some of the stones in your life that you continue to believe cannot be turned into bread?

A mansion on the hill, from a shack in the valley?
A state of the art vehicle from a two-wheel unicycle?
A loving and caring partner from a dent in your pillow?
A job from no job?
A family from a hopeful egg?

Whatever the stone, it can be turned into bread, if you accept that Universal Forces are ready, willing, and waiting at your quarry site to do your bidding.

Change impossible to highly probable, believe and achieve.

Feed. Heal. Reach. Teach

October 15th, 2020

I got my marching orders this morning. They were simple really, Feed. Heal. Reach. Teach. All this started with a 3 am visitor. I do not know what is with 3 am and visits from the other side but messages that come at 3 am are ones you do not ignore.
Are you one of those awakened or half-awakened-getting-there souls that have regular contact with the spirit world, ancestors, guides, the Divine? I am sure you will agree with me that sometimes making these connections can be taxing on our limited human understanding and we tend to question ourselves as to whether the whole damn thing is real or not. I have given up on wondering. The way things fall in place in my life cannot be by chance and if it is, I want to be on any side that can bring about happenstances like those I encounter.

So back to my visitor. I got up to use the bathroom. It is not like before when you can sleep all night without having to take a midnight water break. Smartly, I refused to open my eyes for my trip, I did not want any distractions since I planned to go right back to sleep. No such luck.

As I repositioned myself under the warm comforter, trying to settle myself back into sleep mode, I felt something. It was an energy, a new one. I never felt it before and it made me a bit nervous. It was a hesitant but still curious energy. It reminded me of those times when you were little and your mother sent you by someone, say a neighbour, to deliver something and you have never been to the neighbour’s house. You do not know if the neighbour will be welcoming or not but you have to complete the errand or face the disapproval of your mother. You dared not go back saying that you were scared to go inside the house. So you enter hesitantly, unsure, curious but still with a hint of bravery. That was the energy I felt.
Then I saw a long white dress coming towards me and I cried out for Greg, he is my protector spirit guide. He has nice muscles and has saved me from more than one situations in the spirit world. I stood behind him and peered closely at what was coming towards me. I saw a lamp, like those that were used before we had electricity. You had to hold a handle and walk with it in front of you, inside could be a candle burning or a wick with oil or whatever. The lamp swung nervously, searching, and then noticed us. I heard a female’s voice. She said that she came to tell me that I have been at this awakening thing for longer than I realized and that the time when I was sick for almost a year with my doctor being unable to say what was wrong was the beginning of the process. That piece of information startled me because I remember being sick over 15 years ago and my doctor had no clue as to the problem. He had no remedies and told me to rest. After several months, taking this and that, one morning I just woke up feeling well. It was a strange time.

My past flashed before me and I saw my second call to awaken as that time when I left my marriage abruptly and went “underground” for three years.

My third, and perhaps my final call came when I had to face the devastation of losing the opportunity to a job that I wanted since I was a teenager and a lover that I wanted for almost as long. That was enough. I became more earnest in my search and the process has brought me to this day.

Having delivered her message, she exchanged a smile with Greg and left. I could not sleep afterward. I felt nervous and excited. I felt like the pieces had fallen into place, I was being welcomed into Wokedom.

So you can imagine that the thought of my morning meditation engendered a feeling of excitement within me. I knew the topic was in some way going to touch on my 3 am visit. As soon as I sat and settled myself, I felt the energy of being in a court of some sort, as if I was going to be judged. My spirit guides were on one side and my ancestors on another and I stood in the middle in front of a table when four grim-faced beings sat. I knew that my fate was being decided. Everyone was tense until one of them broke into a smile, and said, “congratulations, you passed.”

I was on to the next level in the game.

My visitor, she never told me her name, stood off to the side behind the table of judges, she smiled and winked at me.

One judge gave me a plate with some instructions: Feed. Heal. Reach. Teach.

Message taken, action required.

I am pleased that you have chosen to join me on this journey.

Unleashing Our Humanness

October 14th, 2020

My sleep was interrupted by the movements of very large trucks at 12 am in the morning. It appeared that they were taking some kind of material from a nearby rock quarry to the port to be loaded onto a barge and transported to a neighbouring island. They choose these times because the traffic is usually light and it's easier to drive unobstructed. But when your bedroom is less than thirty feet from heavy moving trucks at 12 am in the morning, you are in for a rough time. The trucks worked until close to 3 am and I laid awake the entire time, not being able to fall back to sleep. I had two choices, I could be miserable and complain and curse the living daylights out of those drivers who thought it a good idea to move heavy material at that time of the morning preventing good citizens like myself from getting well-needed rest, or I could decide to grin and bear it, knowing that in a few hours they would be done and I might be able to get an hour or two of shuteye before it was time to get up to prepare for work. I took the former choice and I cursed and vowed never to ever live so close to a major road again. I sent a desire into the universe, I wanted to move and I wanted to move now.

Sometimes when we are on our spiritual journey, we feel that we have to be more than human. But the thing is we are here having this human experience and we will encounter situations that upset us. What to do? Do we Ummm our way into a better feeling place, hoping that the thing that was causing us stress would have disappeared by the end of our 20-minute session, or do we let the human in us come out? Sometimes we let out the human.

I unleashed my humanness as the trucks drove by. Each change of gear, each groan of the engine, each screech of the well-worn-and-needing-to-be-replaced tyres caused my desire to grow reflecting a preference for a new home that fit into the life I wanted for myself. If the message was not heard clearly enough by Universal Forces before, they heard it last night.
And so my job is half done, now I need to put myself into that place that allows me to be the recipient of my wish.

When circumstances cause us to rage against how unfair life can be, when we send our longings, our hopes for change, and our requests for something better into the Universe, we can be assured that the message is received and Forces are already working on it.

So, as I stood in the early morning air, about two hours after my situationship with those trucks, I looked up into the sky and was met with the sight of a beautiful crescent moon and Venus in a tight hug.

I smiled. I said thank you. I knew it was done.

Thoughts are like Pumpkin Vines

October 13th, 2020

I planted some pumpkin seedlings about two and a half months ago, smack dab in the middle of the summer’s heat. Since there was little rain, they had to be kept alive by daily hand watering. They wanted to grow and produce but it was obvious that it was a struggle for them. Then the beautiful butterflies came en mass. And of course, they laid eggs on every bush in my garden including these pumpkin vines. Then the struggle became really real. My five plants, down from six, were now at war against heat and worms. There were times when their leaves looked like lace handkerchiefs atop spindly stalks. This led me to spray several homemade concoctions of neem leaves, garlic, and cayenne pepper which did little to stem the ravenous march of hungry caterpillars. Finally, I had to apply an organic insecticide given to me by a fellow gardener. This brought some relief.
Soon, as with the circle of life, the butterflies died and the October rains began to fall. My pumpkin vines’ growth spurt took off like an athlete seeing the tape across the finish line. They spread all over the garden resulting in my attempting to train them.
It was “do not run here, get off that okra plant, you cannot go through the fence, please give the sweet potato vines a little space to grow as well..…” This happened for about ten days until I gave up. I decided to let them be, let them grow, let them produce.

Same as our thoughts during meditation. We cannot not have thoughts, it is what the mind does, its function is to produce thoughts and ideas non-stop. So when we sit to meditate, we are told to stop our thoughts or control our thoughts or quiet our thoughts or whatever similar instruction that some experts in the medical, I mean meditative field gives.

I say let your thoughts be.

Let them come and go, let them take up all the space, grow, expand, and produce fruit.

Just sit and watch them knowing that you will soon reap the benefits.


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