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Its Best to Lay those Burdens Down

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Do you ever have those experiences when you know something is coming and you know what it is because you have been manifesting it for a while and you can taste it on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t see it or touch it as yet? Your other four senses are going crazy like a male dog during mating season but you have to wait for it, with your level of anxiousness building to such a height that you figure you will burst if asked to wait one more minute?

I have been feeling like this lately and I’m being driven to madness in anticipation. These things I have been manifesting for a while are coming. They are just there, millimeters away from my fingers but not close enough to grab.

Several weeks have passed and I came to the realization that continuing in this vein was not going to work, anxiousness will lead to anxiety and then to stress, and we know what stress does to the body so I thought it best to make a conscious decision to release these feelings into the Universe and let what is greater than me handle it.

Talk about laying down burdens! I actually felt a physical release when it was done.

What burden have you been carrying, believing that you are bigger, stronger, wiser than Universal Forces and that you can handle it with your 3-D self?

How has it been working out for you? I bet, like me, not very well.

We get so caught up in the trappings of this life that we forget that we are visitors to this time-space reality, just for a short moment and then we are gone like a puff of wind.
If not done before, when we merge with Source Energy, reuniting with the greater part of who we are, it is then that our burdens are released.

Why wait until then when we can do it right now?
Why suffer and struggle and worry and wonder when Source Intelligence has all the answers to our questions, the desires of our hearts, and the sweet taste of honey for our lips?

Lay your burdens down right here, right now.

Meditate. Pray. Release. Be happy.