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You and the Cosmic Flow

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I would like to introduce you to Corinne. I have known her personally for about a year but she knew me even before I came into this time-space reality as me. She one of my spirit guides and unbeknownst to me, she has been guiding me along a path of food, health, plant medicine, and healing for as long as I can remember. Sometimes we do things that we have no clue as to why we did it and then later when the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and we see the picture revealed before us, we are amazed and awed that we are part of this cosmic unfolding.

There is nothing really special about me. I came into this physical plane on a tiny island in the Caribbean into a community that was economically and socially depressed. Growing up felt normal because it was all I ever knew until one day I heard teachers whispering about me in the staff room and I then realized that they were surprised at my 'brightness' because nothing much was expected of children who came from my community, especially the females. Luckily, I have an exalted Mars conjunct Rahu in the second house of my birth chart so my tongue has been my weapon of choice and still continues to be.

So what does this have to do with Corinne?

I was trying to make the connection of being quite ordinary but still being able to live an extraordinary life.

It starts with asking the question, “who am I?” and if you are really interested in finding the answer, you will get to know your true self, not the one that has been created by your parents and society in an effort to get you to fit into a mould of what I good person ought to be, but the true you.

The you that is a spirit having a human experience; The you that came here to experience something exceptional with the assistance of a spiritual team that is patiently waiting for you to welcome it into your existence; The you that knows ultimately the return is to the greater part of who you are, as part of Source Energy, merging with the cosmic flow and becoming one again.