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Thoughts are like Pumpkin Vines

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I planted some pumpkin seedlings about two and a half months ago, smack dab in the middle of the summer’s heat. Since there was little rain, they had to be kept alive by daily hand watering. They wanted to grow and produce but it was obvious that it was a struggle for them. Then the beautiful butterflies came en mass. And of course, they laid eggs on every bush in my garden including these pumpkin vines. Then the struggle became really real. My five plants, down from six, were now at war against heat and worms. There were times when their leaves looked like lace handkerchiefs atop spindly stalks. This led me to spray several homemade concoctions of neem leaves, garlic, and cayenne pepper which did little to stem the ravenous march of hungry caterpillars. Finally, I had to apply an organic insecticide given to me by a fellow gardener. This brought some relief.
Soon, as with the circle of life, the butterflies died and the October rains began to fall. My pumpkin vines’ growth spurt took off like an athlete seeing the tape across the finish line. They spread all over the garden resulting in my attempting to train them.
It was “do not run here, get off that okra plant, you cannot go through the fence, please give the sweet potato vines a little space to grow as well..…” This happened for about ten days until I gave up. I decided to let them be, let them grow, let them produce.

Same as our thoughts during meditation. We cannot not have thoughts, it is what the mind does, its function is to produce thoughts and ideas non-stop. So when we sit to meditate, we are told to stop our thoughts or control our thoughts or quiet our thoughts or whatever similar instruction that some experts in the medical, I mean meditative field gives.

I say let your thoughts be.

Let them come and go, let them take up all the space, grow, expand, and produce fruit.

Just sit and watch them knowing that you will soon reap the benefits.