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The Path to Grace

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The word grace has been so mixed up with religious connotations that whenever many of us hear it, it conjures up images of the cross of Calvary, being saved by grace, and other religious iterations and images. For persons who decided to take the path less traveled, the one that leads to a oneness with the Divine without a telephone line, attaining grace is enlightenment.

I have read many questions from persons asking about enlightenment and how can one achieve it. I suspect that to them it is the gift at the end of the tunnel of seeking. They emerge surrounded by a bright halo and sense of being anointed and entitled.

The path to grace is a different road. It is a road powered by belief and paved by life’s happenings. It is worn and well-trod by the many who have gone before us. It is littered with tears of regrets of the past as well as burdens that have been left at the wayside. It is lit by hope, love, and charity.

The road to grace has no end as long as we are still in these physical bodies. There is no finish line, but a path filled with the continuous effort of us trying to be the best we can be.
Let the seekers amongst us stop seeking enlightenment and seek grace instead, clear the brambles and get on its path.

The way of grace leads us home.