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The Eighth House and its Promise

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I always meditate before writing my blog and having spoken about this before, persons who follow my stories will be familiar with the way I get topics to prepare and share. This morning I finished my meditative session a bit disconcerted with my guides. I already had an idea that I felt would be good to write about and so, as usual, I asked for their approval and I got a ‘No, write on this instead”. I was to write about activating the eighth house in one’s birth chart. I am not an astrologist. The only astrology I know is what I would have read about and what I came into this life knowing. I have Ketu or the south node of the moon in my eighth house which means in my previous life I was probably deeply involved in things of this house. I argued that there were excellent astrologers on YouTube and elsewhere who would be able to give a much better explanation on the eighth house and things pertaining to it. I was met with a series of side glances and a wall of silence, so here goes…

The eighth house is known as a mysterious house. It controls all things hidden, dark, underground, things that we do not want other people to know about ourselves, our proclivities, and our foibles. It has to do with other people’s money, inheritances, sex, death, debt, and taxes. It is the house of personal transformation, of rebirth. It is one of the three karmic houses in astrology so planets in the eighth house give us an indication of the areas where we have to pay our karmic dues.

Persons with an auspicious eighth house, like me, are very much interested in things unknown, of the occult, metaphysical and esoteric. And when Ketu is in one’s eighth house, it brings with it the spiritual side of unknowing. It is associated with psychic abilities, kundalini rising, and other gifts that are useful as one seeks a deeper connection with the Divine.

The eighth house is activated when we acknowledge the power that it contains. It comes alive when we are able to deal with our personal issues and heal past pains.

We access the magic of the eight when we have understood the magic within ourselves.