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The Conspiracy of Universal Forces

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I sat down to write my blog today without a ready topic. My morning mediation devolved into a meeting with my family, those now residing over there. They had a few messages for me, along with some instructions for me to carry out. I have learned to no longer ask how will it get done, my job is to say ok and get about to doing it, many times not knowing the how nor the when, nor even sometimes the why.

I know I come off as quite weird to people who hear me talk like this. Some just look at me wide-eyed in either disbelief, fascination, or a mixture of both. My grandmother first came to visit me when she had just crossed over into non-physical. We, or at least I did not have a pleasant interaction with her and she has never returned until last year. But by this time, I was in a different time and space and was so able to appreciate the connection she had been offering forty plus years ago. My, how my life might have been different! Would I have made so many of the mistakes I had? Probably, because I was never a listener to sound advice.

How many of us allow our ‘strangeness’ to show? Deciding to let little or none of what people say bother us, but living our lives and embracing our gifts, whatever they might be?
It is only when we accept who we truly are inside that are we allowed to lead happy lives. Any other iteration of our imagination results in a hopelessness and despair, a frantic searching for, like two mongooses in a cage.

Best we save ourselves the added stress and embrace who and what we are and came here to experience and in so doing, begin to feel the pride and delight of universal forces conspiring to bless us abundantly.