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On Being in the Know

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It wasn’t until recently I really experienced the true power of being in the now. I had woken earlier than I needed to and was lying in my bed thinking about my astral travels the night before. I think I met the person that I am may spend a great deal of my remaining time in this physical plane with but that story is for another time, another blog posting.

Anyway, I took that free time to enjoy some early morning meditation. My mind was clear and my vibration was high so it was easy for me to settle into my pose and allow my body to relax. Soon after I entered a space, it felt different, special. It was an expansive space. It felt powerful. I felt myself out of my body, hovering slightly above my prone physical form and experiencing what I can only describe as Now. There was no past to regret nor no future to fear. It was just being there, or here rather.

Many gurus and teachers have extolled the virtues of being in the now in their books. They have described the importance of this state to our experiencing first-hand the power that lies in being present. The authors try to put into words something that cannot really be described. It needs to be experienced.

I would not know how and where to begin to give instructions to anyone on how to be in the now.

Perhaps it comes from a knowing, or a seeking or a being, I am clueless. All I can say is that now is beautiful, now is powerful, now is that cord that connects our soul to the universe bringing an awareness that defies words.