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Let Love Love you Back

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It is wonderful to be blogging about love. Not very often am I asked to write on love, instead, most topics surround the dark and heavy. Something must be blowing in the wind!

I’m sure each of us can recall that first tickle of romantic love, teasing our senses like a light morning breeze causing us to smile and relax into the feeling. It feels good. Being in love and being loved is probably the highest of human emotions that we can experience in the 3-D. It seems to connect us to something deeper, far inside, into places that, the disillusioned ones have locked away and swallowed the key. But we would be liars if we say the feeling isn’t phenomenal.

Love is beautiful when we find someone to share it with, who understands and accepts us for who we are, scars and all.

Unfortunately, there are not many of us capable of offering that kind of love. Love for us is hot and heavy and temporary. So we miss the light breeze on our neck and the tingle in our belly. I have been both a victim and perpetrator of this act. It stemmed from the wanting it now, unwilling to wait for the breeze.

Let the winds of love blow into your life, removing the cobwebs of the past and imaginary fears of the future.

Connect to the deeper part of you through this love experience.

Feel and explore.

Love and let love love you back.