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I'm OK, You're OK, We are OK - It's All Good

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My friend called me yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise since we do not communicate very often. Every once in a while we check in on each other to make sure that all is well and life continues to be bearable, even if not great. We knew each other from our university days when everything was everything and our friendship had withstood the test of many years. In order to protect the innocent, I am going to call him Warren, (actually Warren is his given name, so I guess he’s no innocent). So why did he call me? He was checking up on my emotional and mental well-being after reading a few of my blog stories. I gave a full belly laugh. It was the best laugh I had that day.

“So are you going through a phase or something?” Warren asked with concern in his voice. “You are writing about spirituality and things, … you okay nah*? You don’t sound like the person I know.”

I giggled. I remembered the person he knew. But that was so long ago. Are we to remain the same? What does that say about our growth and expansion?

“No, it is not a phase and I have never been better,” I assured him.

His voice remained somewhat doubtful but as our conversation progressed, he became less anxious and more relaxed. I assumed he had made the decision that I was A-OK. Well, I am A, B, and C OK. I have never been more OK in my life. I feel happy and contented, blessed, and fulfilled. I discovered the secret of being.

I am sure many of you can relate to this story. When we start on our path of awakening to who we really and why we came into this physical space at this time and in this place, a light goes on inside it and it shines so brightly that it gets noticed. It reminds me of a firefly. Have you ever seen a firefly’s light when it is pitch black? It cannot be hidden and so it draws other fireflies to it. So too does the light that emanates from us. It shines through what we do and what we say. It shows up in our words and our art. It manifests in our love and appreciation. It illuminates our world and that of others around us.

Those who knew us well and see the change may get concerned. Those who knew us not and see us are curiously drawn to whatever it is. You will hear the questions and see the stares.

So you okay, nah*?

* nah or nuh, colloquial expression used in the Caribbean to mean ‘or not’.