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Feed. Heal. Reach. Teach

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I got my marching orders this morning. They were simple really, Feed. Heal. Reach. Teach. All this started with a 3 am visitor. I do not know what is with 3 am and visits from the other side but messages that come at 3 am are ones you do not ignore.
Are you one of those awakened or half-awakened-getting-there souls that have regular contact with the spirit world, ancestors, guides, the Divine? I am sure you will agree with me that sometimes making these connections can be taxing on our limited human understanding and we tend to question ourselves as to whether the whole damn thing is real or not. I have given up on wondering. The way things fall in place in my life cannot be by chance and if it is, I want to be on any side that can bring about happenstances like those I encounter.

So back to my visitor. I got up to use the bathroom. It is not like before when you can sleep all night without having to take a midnight water break. Smartly, I refused to open my eyes for my trip, I did not want any distractions since I planned to go right back to sleep. No such luck.

As I repositioned myself under the warm comforter, trying to settle myself back into sleep mode, I felt something. It was an energy, a new one. I never felt it before and it made me a bit nervous. It was a hesitant but still curious energy. It reminded me of those times when you were little and your mother sent you by someone, say a neighbour, to deliver something and you have never been to the neighbour’s house. You do not know if the neighbour will be welcoming or not but you have to complete the errand or face the disapproval of your mother. You dared not go back saying that you were scared to go inside the house. So you enter hesitantly, unsure, curious but still with a hint of bravery. That was the energy I felt.
Then I saw a long white dress coming towards me and I cried out for Greg, he is my protector spirit guide. He has nice muscles and has saved me from more than one situations in the spirit world. I stood behind him and peered closely at what was coming towards me. I saw a lamp, like those that were used before we had electricity. You had to hold a handle and walk with it in front of you, inside could be a candle burning or a wick with oil or whatever. The lamp swung nervously, searching, and then noticed us. I heard a female’s voice. She said that she came to tell me that I have been at this awakening thing for longer than I realized and that the time when I was sick for almost a year with my doctor being unable to say what was wrong was the beginning of the process. That piece of information startled me because I remember being sick over 15 years ago and my doctor had no clue as to the problem. He had no remedies and told me to rest. After several months, taking this and that, one morning I just woke up feeling well. It was a strange time.

My past flashed before me and I saw my second call to awaken as that time when I left my marriage abruptly and went “underground” for three years.

My third, and perhaps my final call came when I had to face the devastation of losing the opportunity to a job that I wanted since I was a teenager and a lover that I wanted for almost as long. That was enough. I became more earnest in my search and the process has brought me to this day.

Having delivered her message, she exchanged a smile with Greg and left. I could not sleep afterward. I felt nervous and excited. I felt like the pieces had fallen into place, I was being welcomed into Wokedom.

So you can imagine that the thought of my morning meditation engendered a feeling of excitement within me. I knew the topic was in some way going to touch on my 3 am visit. As soon as I sat and settled myself, I felt the energy of being in a court of some sort, as if I was going to be judged. My spirit guides were on one side and my ancestors on another and I stood in the middle in front of a table when four grim-faced beings sat. I knew that my fate was being decided. Everyone was tense until one of them broke into a smile, and said, “congratulations, you passed.”

I was on to the next level in the game.

My visitor, she never told me her name, stood off to the side behind the table of judges, she smiled and winked at me.

One judge gave me a plate with some instructions: Feed. Heal. Reach. Teach.

Message taken, action required.

I am pleased that you have chosen to join me on this journey.